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Our Team is Experienced in Employment Law for Employees

The Employment Law team have extensive experience helping employees. We offer assistance to people experiencing work-related issues. You can turn to us for help to file a formal complaint or represent your interests effectively in any disciplinary proceedings issued against you. Our employment solicitors in Horsham are here to help ease whatever problems you’re experiencing with your employer or employee.

Our employment solicitors in Horsham can also help resolve any employment tribunal case you may be found in. The emotional strain of these situations and their financial repercussions on your family life are difficult to deal with. Count on Mancini Legal and its employment solicitors in Horsham to help you obtain the results you deserve. In the end, no one should have to endure contractual disagreements, unfair treatment, or discrimination at work; this is why our employment solicitors in Horsham are ready to assist you in whatever the matter.

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Our employment solicitors in Horsham are here to help

Experiencing problems at work in Horsham, Haywards Heath, Crawley, or elsewhere in Sussex or Surrey?

Our employment solicitors in Horsham have significant experience in successfully advising businesses in many industrial sectors. Employment law for employers is specialised work. We will work with you on strategic issues such as business restructuring or office closures or redesigning your contracts of employment and employee handbook.

We will guide you through individual HR matters such as employee dismissals or sensitive disciplinary and grievance proceedings, particularly where you anticipate an employment tribunal claim. Our employment solicitors in Horsham are experienced in defending claims against our clients at employment tribunals and we also act for employers requiring advice on employees breaching non-compete and other post termination restrictions.

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… to evaluate the facts, look at all the options and help you come to the most cost-effective solution. If the case absolutely must go to an employment tribunal, we’ll walk you through the legal process and provide you with support and guidance. Our employment solicitors in Horsham are here to make the entire process easier for you.

Our employment solicitors in Horsham can assist you with issues such as; Settlement agreements, Acas Conciliation, Board room disputes, Breaches of post-termination restrictive covenants e.g. clauses requiring you not to compete with your employer, Bullying and harassment at work, Constructive/unfair dismissal claims, Contracts of employment, directors’ service agreements and, consultancy agreements, Discrimination because of pregnancy or maternity, age, race, gender, sexual orientation, marital or civil partnership, gender reassignment, religion or belief or, disability, Disciplinary and grievance proceedings, Employment Tribunal proceedings, Equal pay, Insolvency, Redundancies and business restructuring, Whistleblowing & Working Time Regulations 1998 issues such as holiday pay or, working hours.

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Horsham Conveyancing Solicitors

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