Road Accidents – Cyclists, Equestrians & Joggers

Road accident on your bike, on your horse or jogging in Horsham, Haywards Heath, Crawley, Sussex & Surrey? We’ll show you the route to compensation.

Roads are dangerous places – especially and increasingly so for cyclists, equestrians or joggers. Car drivers seem to be less aware that other users have equal rights to the roads.  No matter how good a driver you are there is always the chance you will be in a road traffic accident due to no fault of your own. We can help, even if the other driver is uninsured! If you need a personal injury lawyer for a traffic accident you in Horsham, Haywards Heath, Crawley, Sussex, or Surrey, Mancini Legal can help.

We have a great road traffic accident claims track record for the following


  • Cost of surgery, transportation, travel, etc. which resulted from an injury
  • Cost of any surgery or medical care required after or as a result of the injury
  • Pain and suffering caused by the injury
  • Cost of any future surgery or care required as a result of the injury
  • Cost of any equipment damaged in the accident
  • Loss of wages or lost future wages as a result of the accident
  • In the case of equine accidents costs involving the horse and lack of rideability of the horse
  • And other co-occurring problems

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        Nigel Cragg

        Nigel Cragg

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