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People that invite you to use their premises or services owe you a duty of maintenance and a duty of care. Walk into a shop and slip up because the floor was wet, but no notice was showing, and you almost certainly have a claim. Slip up on steps down to a Church carpark when they haven’t cleared the ice and it’s the same thing. Stay in a hotel or B&B and get food poisoning and, you’ve got it, you almost certainly have a claim. Public areas such as parks and pavements are no different.

It’s an endless list – that’s why business and organisations carry public liability insurance


No organisation sets out to hurt you – but accidents happen. Things fall off shelves, coats get caught in escalators, fingers get trapped in doors, trees fall down in parks, they may all be accidental but it’s an endless list. And the duty fall upon the owner of the building or space to carry out a full risk assessment and let you, as a member of the public, know if what you are doing could be dangerous.


Then, if you get injured and it’s not your fault, you should be due compensation for costs of treatment incurred, loss of earnings, and any pain and suffering.

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Nigel Cragg

Nigel Cragg

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