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The loss of a loved one can be overwhelming and difficult to process. If you’re an executor, and therefore responsible for applying for probate, and/or resolving the estate, it can be even more stressful. If you have responsibility for probate in Horsham, Haywards Heath, Crawley, Sussex or Surrey, Mancini Legal’s experienced Private Client Team can help you navigate the paperwork and guide you through any complex procedures.

When somebody has died, the process of administering their estate is known as probate – basically it’s about seeing what tax the estate might have to pay. It requires the filing of an application with the Probate Court to confirm the applicant’s legal authority to oversee and manage the estate. At this stage, if the deceased passed away with a will, the Court would issue a Grant of Probate. Alternatively, if the deceased passed away intestate, or without a will, the Court would issue Grant Letters of Administration.

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Options for executors and administrators

Prior to obtaining the Court’s authority to proceed, there are a number of complex steps that must occur, including determining whether an inheritance tax is owed and obtaining a receipt from HRMC.  As you might expect, completing forms for inheritance tax purposes is not necessarily an easy task – especially if the deceased had substantial wealth to pass on. The risk here is that any exclusion of a permissible exemption, or claiming an inapplicable exemption, could result in unfavourable tax consequences and potential personal liability to you.

Once the Court has issued the Grant of Probate, executors have a duty to ensure that the deceased’s beneficiaries or heirs receive any proceeds and property they are entitled to. Once again, our Probate Team can help.  We offer executors and estate administrators looking for legal advice in Sussex and Surrey three options to choose from.

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Our Three Options

Option 1 – Grant Only

If there is a Will and the estate is straightforward, we can simply prepare the Grant of Representation that you need to finalise for the administration of the estate. It is simple, quick, and avoids the need for you to have to bother with all of the paperwork.

Option 2 – Executor Assistance

If you need a little more assistance with the probate process, but still want to manage everything personally, our Private Client Team can help out with the background work as and when you need us. You’ll remain in charge while we look after the back office, working on the papers and checking documents.

Option 3 – Bespoke Estate Administration

This option means we will do absolutely everything that you need for your probate process. We will apply for the Grant of Representation, prepare estate accounts and even finalise HMRC tax papers. You do not have to get involved in the process, and we make sure that everything is carried out exactly the way the deceased would have wanted.

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Trust Administration

Proper trust administration is crucial to ensure that:

  • Correct distributions are issued to the beneficiaries
  • The assets of the trust are invested prudently
  • Tax affairs of the trust are handled correctly

Proper administration of a trust avoids potential conflicts from arising between the trustees and the beneficiaries and reduces the potential for unnecessary legal, professional and administrative fees. If you need legal advice for trust administration in Sussex or Surrey, the Private Client Team at Mancini Legal is prepared to provide Trustees with a roadmap for effective and practical trust administration or, if desired, can serve as a Trustee.

Probate, Estates & Trust Administration

One of the saddest things about loved ones passing is the fact that somebody has to tie up all the loose ends with regard to what they have left behind. Probate can be simple, or quite complex. If you need advice in troubled circumstances, give us a call.

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