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We are a no win, no fee personal injury lawyer in Horsham, Haywards Heath, Sussex & Surrey.

You can turn to our Personal Injury Solicitors in Horsham when you have been injured or ill as a result of another’s negligence. It is inevitable that accidents will occur.

From time to time, we all become ill. If you’ve been hurt by somebody else’s negligence, we can help you claim compensation.

Our experienced team of Personal Injury Solicitors in Horsham are ready to assist you. We have a great track record of winning cases in a wide variety of personal injury fields.

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Personal Injury Practice Areas

Industrial Diseases & Accidents At Work

The workplace is one of the most common causes of Personal Injury, either from accidents or industrial diseases. You can claim back for three years. Our Personal Injury Solicitors in Horsham are here to guide you.

Clinical Negligence

Doctors are great people, but sometimes they make mistakes – often with significant ramifications. We have settled some major clinical malpractice cases. Our Personal Injury Solicitors in Horsham can help.

Road Users – Cyclists, Equestrians, Joggers

Whilst the courts are encouraging people to make their own claims for things like whiplash, there are still a lot of road accidents where a lawyer can help.

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Personal Injury Practice Areas

Public Liability

From falling down a step to having walls collapse, the world at large has a duty of maintenance and a duty of care to the public. Do not be taken advantage of – refer to our Personal Injury Solicitors in Horsham.

Product Liability

In a world where more and more goods are ordered online and delivered in a van, problems due to product liability are on the increase. Buyer, beware! Contact our team of Personal Injury Solicitors in Horsham.

Foreign Accidents

Many people think Brexit makes it harder to claim for a personal injury sustained abroad – that’s not the case, but you need an expert to help. Contact our Personal Injury Solicitors in Horsham.

Horsham Conveyancing Solicitors
Horsham Conveyancing Solicitors

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