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Looking for Personal Law Solicitors in Horsham? Mancini Legal covers the spectrum.

In our experience most ordinary local people only come to a lawyer when they need to – and it’s generally because they have a problem that only the law can solve. This may be a legal issue with family relationships, at the office, with neighbours, due to personal injury, because somebody has taken legal action against you – or you need to against them. Our Personal Law Solicitors in Horsham are here to help resolve any dispute.

Sometimes life just jumps into your lane and disrupts it. Should that happen to you, we are the friendly no-nonsense local Personal Law Solicitors in Horsham and surrounding areas. Contact us now to find out how our Personal Law Solicitors in Horsham can assist you in resolving your dispute.


Sometimes relationships simply don’t work out and you have to end them. It’s never a nice process, but in our experience it’s much better to have a sympathetic friendly lawyer in your corner. Our expert Divorce Law Team from our Personal Law Solicitors in Horsham has case studies that prove it.

Family Law

Families are strange things – one day your nearest and dearest, on another they cause all sorts of squabbles. If children get involved, it becomes even more stressful. As family people ourselves, we are proud of the sensitivity of our experienced Family team from our Personal Law Solicitors in Horsham.


Employment law is there to protect employees, but some employers still try and take advantage. Tribunal processes are not that complicated, but they demand a lot of attention to detail. That’s where our expert Employment Lawyers from our Personal Law Solicitors in Horsham come in, to ensure the law is applied properly.

Personal Injury

Painful things happen on the roads, at work, on holiday, in hospitals…the list is endless. We may call them ‘accidents’ but, a lot of the time, they are somebody else’s fault. If you are due compensation, our professional Personal Law Solicitors in Horsham will secure it for you ‘no win, no fee’.

Civil Litigation

Sometimes others take legal action against you, and you’ll want to defend yourself. Sometimes, to get what you is duly yours, you have to issue proceedings. Our Civil Litigation lawyers from our Personal Law Solicitors in Horsham always try and resolve disputes out of court. But, when they can’t, they’ll be right by your side.


Based as we are in Sussex, there are a lot of ‘horsey’ people on the team. As such we’ve had to understand equine law for ourselves. If you have an equine legal problem, our Equine Law Team from our Personal Law Solicitors in Horsham will be very happy to share their horse-sense and represent you.

Law for British Expats

Overseas jurisdictions, and the vagaries and differences in cross-border laws, can create complex situations for British citizens living abroad. No matter what your overseas issue, our experienced Expat Lawyers from our Personal Law Solicitors in Horsham will keep things as close to home as possible.

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Personal Law Team

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Nadine Moaddel


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Nigel Cragg

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Terry McBride

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