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Do you need legal help but English isn’t your first language, so you struggle to understand complicated legal texts? Or perhaps you don’t speak English at all, or are dealing with another party that doesn’t speak English? If that’s the case, Mancini Legal is here to help.

We understand that navigating complex laws and making sure you’re sufficiently well-informed to make the right decisions is hard enough, without the added complication of language barriers and translation issues. Language shouldn’t be a barrier to getting sound legal advice from a local family solicitor. That’s why we’ve partnered with Rosetta Translation, a highly-accredited global translation service based in London, offering 24-hour assistance.

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Mancini Legal is proud of our Italian roots and diverse team of staff who originate and live around the world. We’ve found our customers have been thrilled with the services our bilingual team have been able to offer. That’s why we’ve listened to demand and decided to expand our translation offering to be able to better meet our customers’ needs. With the help of Rosetta, we can now assist customers with legal translations in all major languages. 

So, whatever legal help you require, Mancini Legal speaks your language! 


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