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Are you a British expat living abroad? If you’re living in mainland Europe or the United States, we can still assist you with legal advice for British Expats. We can still act for you even if you’ve travelled outside of the UK. We’re still here and still working to get you everything you need to be legally protected. Contact the best British Expat Solicitors in Horsham.

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Wills and Probate for Expats

If you’re no longer living in the British Isles but you have property or possessions here, it’s essential that those items are accounted for properly. Within the United States or even mainland Europe, you may not find a solicitor that understands the legal methods of the UK. As a result, you will need someone who can carefully, and accurately, designate what you want done with your possessions. We are the best British Expat Solicitors in Horsham.

The last thing you want after moving to an entirely new place is to have difficulty getting all your affairs in order. So don’t let those problems haunt you. Get a solicitor that knows how to handle the situation and can do it with less stress on you.

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Family Law for British Expats

If you’ve moved away from your home, then there are some other issues that could occur as well. For example, child access and maintenance can become issues for expats. After all, you must determine how the children will travel between the parents, when each parent will be able to see them and where the children will live. At Mancini Legal we will help you assert your rights as a parent whether you are living abroad with your children or looking to see your children when they are living abroad with the other parent. We are the best British Expat Solicitors in Horsham.

No matter where you live you may find yourself in need of the law of the British Isles. Your homeland will never leave you after all and neither will Mancini Legal. We’re here to help you with any of your legal concerns, whether you still reside in the country or not.

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