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Had a work related accident or illness in Horsham, Haywards Heath, Crawley, Sussex & Surrey? We’ll Help you – No Win No Fee.

Statistics from the Government show that, every year in the UK, over 1,000,000 suffer from an accident at work or an illness caused by their working conditions. With a mixture of industry ranging from airlines to farming and hospitality to warehousing, Sussex and Surrey are not exempt. Those affected are generally owed compensation due to their employer’s liability. Every year our Personal Injury team help people who have suffered from:


  • Construction Accidents
  • Catastrophic accidents
  • Slips, trips and falls on the level
  • Handling, lifting or carrying
  • Being struck by a moving object
  • Falls from height
  • Acts of violence
  • Fork lift truck accidents
  • Various other reasons

When it comes to any personal injury claim we work on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis.

If we accept your claim, and agree to represent you, we will work on a ‘No win, no fee’ basis. That means we will run your case to conclusion without charging you any fees. Instead we agree with you that our reasonable fees, to agreed industry standards, are taken out of any compensation you are awarded. If we do not win you compensation you will not be due to pay us anything.


Industrial Diseases

Aside from claims that are mostly ‘accidental’, we also work with those who have contracted a disease or condition from their working environment. In this category we cover aspects like asbestosis or any issue that might arise from the use of dangerous chemicals under the COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulations.


When to come to us for advice

The general rule for all Personal Injury claims is that they should be made within 3 years from date of knowledge – so the date your injury happened or realised that you may have become ill due to something that happened at work. But please don’t leave it until the last minute – we need a chance to get the facts and documents lined up.

Personal Injury Lawyers

Nigel Cragg

Nigel Cragg

Consultant Head of personal Injury, FCILEX

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