Family Law Pricing

According to statistics, around one third of all marriages currently end in divorce. If you find yourself in this situation, it is essential to have the right legal team in your corner.

If you need proactive and experienced advocates, we will take care of you.

At Mancini Legal, our Family and Divorce Solicitors have been offering divorce advice for the over ten years in Horsham, Haywards Heath, and surrounding areas.

We offer our first initial appointment free of charge, because we recognise the importance of choosing a Family and Divorce Solicitor you are comfortable with from the outset. Contact our Family and Divorce Solicitors in Horsham to find out more.

A free ‘screening consult’ (15 minutes) where generic advice is provided


£50 + VAT for a tailored consultation, 1 hour (‘Engage’ is required to gather information for the consultation, along with ID Checks, AML & Compliance)


Any secondary consultation will be charged at a fixed cost of £120 + VAT