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There’s More to Equine Law Than Simple Horse-Sense.
Our Equine Solicitors in Horsham are ready to help!

With Sussex being the Equine-Centre of the world it should come as no surprise that several members of the Mancini Legal Equine Law team are passionate horse owners and riders. This starts right at the top with our founder, Alessandro Mancini who has three loves in life: his family, the law and a 17.2 piebald mare called River Rose (who appears on Facebook so often she should really have her own page and fan club).

So, as a business, we are thoroughly inculcated in horse-sense. Perhaps more importantly, over the years, with horses running in the family (if you’ll excuse all the puns) we’ve also had to become specialist Equine Solicitors in Horsham.

That means we’re perfectly placed to represent fellow riders and horse owners in the following areas:

  • Sale and purchase disputes and litigation (all courts)
  • Riding accident and horse accident claims
  • Veterinary disputes and veterinary negligence claims
  • Loan agreements
  • Ownership agreements
  • Livery agreements and contracts
  • Public liability/ Animals Act 1971 cases
  • Insurance claims and disputes
  • Grazing agreements
  • Training agreements
  • Trainer/rider negligence claims
  • Equestrian business sales

If you’re involved with horses and need advice, simply give us a call in the certain knowledge, you’ll be able to talk to somebody who speaks your language and gives you good counsel straight from the horse’s mouth. Contact our Equine Solicitors in Horsham today.