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In general, medical attention in the UK, whether NHS or private, is amongst the best in the world. But even the best make mistakes from time to time. Misdiagnosis or late diagnosis, problems with treatment, surgical errors or inappropriate treatment are all things that can create long-lasting health issues. If you need legal support for clinical negligence in Horsham, Haywards Heath, Crawley, Sussex or Surrey then talk to our Personal Injury team and they will help you – all the way down to finding the best expert witnesses to support your case.

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A note on hospital acquired infections.


Most infections can be prevented with thorough hand hygiene and environmental cleaning. All Hospitals have Hand Hygiene policies and audit against them. The records of these audits should be examined along with the minutes of the meetings of the infection control team in each hospital. If the hospital has not followed their procedures thoroughly enough, and there is evidence that the bacteria was present in the hospital, then it is possible to bring a claim. The infections can be serious. MRSA for example may cause serious on-going issues if it gets into the blood stream via open wounds or catheters/cannulas etc.

Our consultants have succeeded in claiming for such injuries, some of which attract high levels of compensation if further surgery is needed to remove infected tissue. If you have suffered an infection you believe may have been MRSA or C.difficile then call us and we will be able to advise you about the possibility of bringing a successful case.

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Nigel Cragg

Nigel Cragg

Consultant Head of personal Injury, FCILEX

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