Service Level Agreement

At Mancini Legal Limited we are committed to providing the highest level of advice and service that we can. As a consequence our clients can expect the following level of service from us as a minimum standard:


1. For your convenience, our legal advisers will offer to meet you via Google Meet in the first instance and if this is not possible we will arrange a COVID safe meeting at our offices.

2. We will keep you updated on progress at every key milestone of your case.

3. If you call one of our legal advisers but they are unavailable we will endeavour to get back to you within 4 working hours.

4. We will endeavour to acknowledge all emails within 4 working hours. If you email one of our legal advisers and they are unavailable you will receive an ‘out of office’ message with further contact details.

5. If you send a letter to us we will endeavour to reply by phone, email or letter within 3 working days of receipt.


1. We will be transparent about our charges from the outset and provide a realistic estimate for seeing your matter through to its conclusion.

2. If applicable we will carry out a regular review of costs incurred to date against the original estimate and advise you, in advance, should this estimate need to be adjusted.

3. We will ensure that you are fully aware of any possible expenses in dealing with your case as early as possible so that there are no surprises.

4. If appropriate we will endeavour to complete your case within a pre-agreed fixed fee.

Your Case

1. We will always fully consider the strengths and weaknesses of your case and advise accordingly, even if that advice is not to proceed.

2. We will never give advice just to generate more legal work; we will only ever give advice that is in your best interest.

3. If we cannot take your case for professional reasons or where we feel that another firm is better placed to help you, with your permission, we will recommend another law firm.

4. Where applicable we will provide monthly updates for your case.

Client Concerns

1. We will not share any personal information with anyone without your prior permission unless required to do so by law.

2. We promise to take seriously any concerns you may raise regarding the service you have received.

3. We will acknowledge any written complaint within 5 working days of receipt and endeavour to provide a substantive response within 28 days from this acknowledgement.

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